Monday, June 26, 2017

Weekend Snippets...

It's been a very busy weekend here in The Humble Bungalow Garden!

The weather has been very hot and so watering has been a top priority.
With water restrictions in place, there are certain times one is permitted to use a sprinkler and the rest must be done by hand.
This has allowed me to wander about and take time to observe all the plants.

Roses love water and this white Iceberg climber is in full flush so I do not want to let it go dry.

If you look closely you can see the new obelisks beyond the iceberg rose.
These were required to help support the 4 new David Austin roses that we purchased this Spring.
Claire Austin is a fragrant white rose with climbing tendencies and the multiple blooms on each stem are heavy so she needs a little help.

Before painting...

After painting...

All four settled into their new spots.

We finished in time to sit for a bit on the deck. 
A glass of bubbly for the Hostess
and a single malt Islay scotch for Mr. HB.

Who BTW painted the obelisks most of the afternoon in the hot sun.
Thank you darling!

We joined friends this weekend for a delicious BBQ dinner and sat on this gorgeous porch with expansive ocean views.

I also went to historic Point Ellice House and wandered in the garden and perused the new Secret Vintage Shoppe.

I'm working on a post to share the photos I took while I was there...
so please stay tuned and you can see what I found in the shoppe!

In the meantime 
it is laundry day and have a bunch of ironing to do.

How is your week going so far?


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Salt Spring Island visit and a Rose Garden Tour

It's been a whirlwind week and one of the highlights was a trip across to Salt Spring Island to visit a friend. I did not go empty handed and I took her a wee gift and a bouquet of our Humble Bungalow garden roses.

My friend lives on a lush acreage where she has created a beautiful Mediterranean style garden.  She and her husband travel to Provence every year and spend a couple of idyllic months exploring the villages. I think she has been inspired by the lovely gardens in France.

The garden plants are selected with an artists eye...
and then one needs to be mindful of 
the deer who have voracious appetites!

Ali took me on a garden tour with the local rose group.

First we stopped off at Ali's friend Anna's home.

Anna and her husband Paul are artists and they have a gallery on their property that showcases their artwork. In case you are interested I have included a link to their site below.

Blue Horse Gallery is located in the Southey Point area of Salt Spring.

Weddings are frequently held on this picturesque property and they also run a B&B called Bloom.

I was so smitten with this adorable suite...
I could imagine waking up and taking my coffee out to the terrace and listening to the bees buzzing and the birdsong.

We visited quite a few gardens and there are many keen rosarians on the island.
I felt very privileged to be included on the tour and have Ali to thank for arranging it for me to join in.

A clump of poppies caught my eye...

I must get some of these for our garden.

Ali and I had lunch in Ganges and perused some of the lovely shops.
I was tempted by many of the lovely linen garments in the shops 
but I do not "need" any more...

 I cannot say that for roses 
as I am already thinking where I can find room to squeeze in a few more in our garden!

One of my favourite gardens on the tour was a 6 acre property near Vesuvius. 
Pauline and her husband have a vast garden with over 200 roses!
A fragrant oasis of roses
which Pauline has mixed with many lovely plants.

The most stunning array of vibrant blue, mauve and purple delphiniums 
stood tall with her glorious roses.
Pauline is an avid and knowledgeable gardener and very gracious.
It was difficult prying myself away from her garden but I had to catch the ferry. 

Ali and I plan to meet again on the island 
as there are so many wonderful things to see and do...

I am heading out to the garden so I will close before donning my garden gloves.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Humble Bungalow Garden Roses...

Life is unpredictable and can shock and surprise us...
often throwing us curveballs.

I know that this is true...

All we can do is "fasten our seat belts" and hang on tight for the ride.

So in light of the turbulence that life can bring.

I offer you some beautiful roses...
to add some beauty to your day.

Growing right here in The Humble Bungalow Garden.

I hope you enjoy them.

Joesph's Coat roses

Constance Spry


(I forget the name of this rose)

Graham Thomas

Jude the Obscure

Climbing Royal Sunset

Abraham Darby

Graham Thomas

I am planning to visit a Gulf Island to view a garden and visit a friend.

At my Yoga class the instructor has just returned from a workshop.
She was very excited about her experience and spoke to us about looking for the "juicy" things in life...

The "juicy" being those things that bring us JOY
things that we need to seek out and embrace to "Get Our Happy On.

I am doing just that.

A "full to the brim week" of social events, 
a garden visit
a movie out 
dinner with the girls
birthday shopping for a very special DIL.

Our garden is a riot of roses...
they are shedding their petals in the gusty winds today.
So many petals cover the walkway, the deck and the porch.

I hope that the winds blow them away...
it could save us hours of raking and sweeping
this weekend!

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday and a week of "juicy" good things.

~ Take care as you go about your day ~
~ Please Be Kind ~

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Quarter Deck Cottage on the edge of The Salish Sea

Mr. HB and I recently purchased a quarter share in a cottage on the water.
Pender Island is one of the smaller islands in The Salish Sea. The cost is modest and we do not need to do any maintenance ourselves so when we are able to use it we can sit back, relax and enjoy the place.

Mr. HB knows that I like to beach comb for heart shaped rocks and while we were at the dock waiting for the ferry he found a vendor selling various rocks 
he inquired, if by chance, she had any heart shaped rocks...
and she did so he surprised me with this one.

Roses picked from The Humble Bungalow Garden made the trip to the cottage.

Arranged and popped into an icy modernist vase 
perfectly scenting the cottage and kitchen.

We brought a few things to personalize the cottage when we have our time here.
There is a locker that we will store the items when we are not in residence.

I found this fish sculpture in an antique shop in Victoria. 
It is originally from the Cayman Islands.

This book was really good.

Deck chairs just waiting for us!

Bubbly to celebrate our first day here...
served in our new Emma Bridgewater etched FIZZ flutes.

Umbrella and cushions found at the Hardware store on the Island.
Books to read while relaxing on the deck.
 The binoculars are MUST to get a closer look at the whales and boats passing by...

Sunhat, sunscreen and sunglasses.

The oar I found in a shop on Fort Street on Antique Row.
I painted and distressed it for the cottage.

Here is the view looking across Otter Bay from Roesland Park.
We walked almost 8 km to visit the Pender island museum only to find out that it was closed! 
Besides we needed to stretch our legs and get some exercise after reading so much!

We sat for a wee bit in the red chairs installed by Parks Canada and took in the glorious views.

These Beaver brand chairs have been placed in the Parks across Canada in honour of our 150th anniversary.

Roes Bay

I swam almost everyday in this pool...
and as our week drew to a close I felt that we had made a good choice to invest in the cottage and resort for our future.
We will look forward to having our family and grandchildren stay here at the cottage making memorable memories.

I hope you enjoyed the wee tour of The Quarter Deck Cottage.