Thursday, August 25, 2016 pedicure, a purchase and a patio meal.

How is your week going?
Are you having a good one?
Mine is ticking along nicely...
lots of walks
a good book on the go
the sun has been shining
BUT wouldn't you know it...
the scale is stuck at 141

Pink McCartney roses
and my latest OPI painted toes...

"A Rose at Dawn, Broke by Noon"

Spring and summer pedicures are a must for me during sandal season.
They are a wonderful experience and I feel very pampered when I have one.
~ Pure luxury ~

This shade of pink is so pretty and fresh.
 I am tempted to buy a bottle and do my fingernails too.

While staying within my WW daily point count I try to find some non food rewards that help me stay on track.
Little things (rewards) that keep me on the straight and narrow.

Meeting up with my daughter for a day of fun.

I bought this wee engraved silver jug at the thrift shop 
when darling daughter and I went to Sidney earlier in the week.
It is tarnished but I plan to keep it in this state as I like how it looks.
Most of my silver gets regular polishing but this little antique jug just looks so pretty with this patina.

We opted to have lunch at The Brentwood Bay Pub on the sun filled patio.
Kale, quinoa and chicken salad with orange segments 
with orange juice dressing.
Beautiful presentation
 it kept me fuelled until dinnertime.

We purchased an arts and crafts quarter sawn oak table to sit between two of our chairs in The Humble Bungalow living room.
We never seem to have enough space for our guests to put their drinks.
"Someone" is giving it a once over...
Chester looks like he approves!

Anyone on Blogger having issues with their posts being delayed getting to the blog feed?
I have not figured out what is happening to my blog and it has been going on for over a month.
I hit publish it in the morning but it does not appear on the feed until late afternoon.
I am tech challenged and wondering if I need to hire someone to help me sort out the glitches.
Also the blogger spell check is not working either...

If anyone knows what i need to do I would appreciate you letting me know.

Thank you!

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~